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If you want to buy a whole set, report that you have had lessons at Skyhigh kite surfing school or windsurfing school and often they can at the surf shop soal surf in Workum offer discounts of up to 30% or more on a complete set. Nothing is as good as your own surfing suit during the lessons, or after the lessons with your own kite surfing gear! Because of our cooperation with the local surf shop in workum you always get at least 20% on your kite surfing gear. For everyone who is reading or renting from us, you get a 20% discount on all surf-related products at We have had a good cooperation with this surf shop on the beach of Workum for years. They sell the brands below:

Buying advice!

We recommend when you are reasonably certain that you will continue to kite surf to start buying your own surfing suit. After taking the lessons you can immediately get comprehensive advice from one of our instructors about purchasing your own kitste. Did you know that you are cheaper in the shop than buying in the marketplace? Just like with cars, it is best to purchase your kite kit with the head off, used a few times or an older model. Never buy material that is too old or material older than 3 years. Kites last only 300 hours. When you spend a few hundred euros on a kitste at marketplace, you think you will be cheap. But it will soon become apparent that your kite no longer performs well and breaks down quickly. And then and you lose your data and you have a kite that no longer works. When you purchase a kitste, we recommend spending at least around 1500 euros. Now your initial investment is a bit higher but then you have much less depreciation and if you ensure that you keep your material up to date you only pay 300-500 euros per year to be able to kite with good kite surfing equipment (depreciation).

Wetsuit brands:

  • Prolimit
  • Vissla
  • Hurley
  • Neilpryde
  • Mystic
  • Manera

Kitesurf brands:

  • Cabrinha
  • Naish
  • Airush
  • Eleveight
  • Flysurfer
  • Ozone

Windsurf brands

  • Neilpryde
  • Severne
  • Loftsails
  • Starboard
  • Unifiber
  • Naish

Kitesurf brands:

  • Flysurfer
  • Ozone
  • F-one
  • North
  • Lieuwe
  • Goodboards


Is valid on the following components: Kitesurf and windsurf materials, surf suits and neoprene accessories, clothing, sunglasses, beach toys, sunscreen oil and more. So basically almost everything that is for sale in the webshop.

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It is not valid on lessons, food or drinks.

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