XXL Games

In addition to various water sports activities, Sky High also offers XXL games! This is a collection of games and challenges, but in a huge format. With your class, association or team you can take on the challenge with: .

  • XXL Mega Jenga
  • XXL Noughts and Crosses
  • XXL Dominoes
  • XXL Mikado
  • XXL Sackrunning
  • Ring throw
  • Laddergolf
  • Beachvolleybal
These activities are particularly suitable as an addition to an afternoon Wind or Kitesurfing, and ensure that nobody is bored for a moment! .

When do you choose the XXL Games?

  • When you and your group want to do even more besides water sports
  • If participants cannot or may not enter the water
  • If you are with a (large) group
  • As a fun day out for your team, club or club
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