Stand Up Paddling Rental


Stand Up Paddling Rentals

In addition to the various wind sports, we also offer Stand Up Paddle at Sky High. If there is less wind a day, and you still want to go out on the water, then our large paddle boards are a great alternative.

In our assortment we have different brands and types of SUP boards, including those from the JP Australia, Starboard and STX brands. You can work on the beach with us, but you are also free to take the material to your favorite spot! You can rent from us by the hour, day (part) or several days on the water.

When do you choose for Stand Up Paddle Rentals?

  • When the wind is too light for Kite or Windsurf
  • If you want to go on an adventure on the water
  • If you are with multiple people
  • As a floating sun-bed

When should you choose something else?

  • If the wind is howling
  • If you want to learn a windsport
  • If you are with a very large group
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