Private Windsurfing Lessons

If you already have experience with windsurfing, or would you prefer a teacher all by yourself, then our private lessons are a good option. Together with your instructor, we look at your level, and what it takes to take you to the next level. Both on the beach and on the water, we support theoretical explanations with practical examples, so that you can easily grow within windsurfing.

For private lessons we have several "advanced" sets in addition to our beginner material, so that we also have the right material for you for higher level instruction!

When do you choose the private lesson?

  • If you've never had a kite surfing lesson
  • If you prefer to learn 1 on 1, then in a group context
  • Want to try windsurfing
  • As an intensive learning opportunity

When should you choose a different lesson:

  • If you are sure you want to do an entire course
  • If you prefer to learn in a group, then 1 in 1
  • If you are with multiple participants
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