Windsurf Introductory Lessons

If you have no experience with windsurfing yet, an introduction lesson is ideal as a starting point. During the 3-hour class you will learn the basics of this wind sport as a group. With a maximum of 8 students you will work on the material, the environment, and various techniques and terms, both on land and on the water, so that you can take your first steps in windsurfing in a safe and familiar way.

We use large, robust beginner boards and light, simple rigging, because the right material helps a successful start to your windsurfing career!

When do you choose the introductory lesson?

  • If you've never had a Windsurf lesson
  • If you are not sure if you really want to learn it
  • Want to try windsurfing
  • As a fun day out

When should you choose a different lesson:

  • If you are sure you want to do an entire course
  • When you once had a Windsurf lesson
  • If you are larger than 8 people with a group
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