One of the ways to get Sky High, is by latching yourself to a kite, and experiencing the power of the wind! This modern extreme sport can be practised throughout the year, on lakes as well as at sea. The Netherlands has a high number of active kitesurfers, kiteschools and kitespots. Kitesurfing is quickly spreading around the globe, so coming to a beach near you!

If you want to take your first steps in the world of kite surfing, it is important that you gain sufficient knowledge and experience. A good way to do this is to book kite surfing lessons, whether you want to do a trial lesson, or book a course for a whole week. Sky High has been active in the field of kite surfing for more than ten years, and we offer a variety of lessons so that you too can start your kite surfing career!

We use equipment from the following brands:

  • Airush
  • Cabrinha
  • Ozone
  • Naish
  • North Kiteboarding
  • Kitesurfing in short:

    • Being driven over land and water with the help of a kite.
    • Extensive safety equipment: wetsuit, helmet, float / impact vest, brightly colored lycra
    • Explanation and instruction of gearing up all the way until Self-Rescue
    • From the age of 9 you can already take your first (children's) lessons. Regular lessons 12+.

    Want to try something else?

    • Besides kitesurfing you can find many other activities with us!
    • Windsurfing, Stand up paddling, and more
    • XXL Games, Volleyball and all kinds of other land-oriented activities
    • A beautiful sandy beach for sunbathing
    Boek nu!