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VDWS certificate

Our school is affiliated to the VDWS. These are two internationally recognized trade associations that deal with the quality and support of schools. The VDWS is the world's largest umbrella sports organization. This organization connected worldwide more than 500 schools and centers. Almost anywhere you so VDWS a school where you can rent, or can further lessons by showing your VDWS certificate. All theoretical textbooks are available in all languages!

The VDWS (Association of German Watersports Schools) ao also deals with teacher training and development of teaching materials. Did you take lessons with us, and you want to get a certificate, please indicate this, and take advantage of the possibilities.

In terms of curriculum, they do not differ greatly, the VDWS is slightly wider and has a larger organization behind them, ensuring continuity of quality and control.

The kitesurfing only you can get the VDWS label. You'll need to be able to kite in more countries, and is now also required for Workum.Let on! the Dutch kitesurfpas (Watersportverbond) is long to be recognized, and so can you so surprises come to be.

The VDWS kitesurf certificate, including thick textbook and theory test costs only € 20,-

For the kids, there are even special children windsurfing certificates and diplomas!

What level which you then want to have cost € 7.50 each time that it should be changed there.

Are you planning also in abroad to go and water sports, then this can hardly do without displaying a VDWS certificate!

More information about the VDWS:

VDWS Levels

1 Safety, Equipment, starting, landing, trainer kite flying, first body drag
2 Body drag, starting and landing inflatable kite
3 Full waterstart, safety on the water, first meters surfing
theorie Safety, sailing rules, weather, local conditions
4 Downwind surfing, changing course, upwind surfing
5 Sailing upwind, tacking
6 Jumps, twisted jumps, carved jibes
7 Rotations, kite loops, grabs, one—footers, board off, railey