tel: 0031 646 222 728,    e-mail: info[at]
€ 60,- p.h.

Private lesson

  • minimaal 2 uur
  • inclusief materiaal
  • 1 op 1
€ 30,- p.h.

Kitesurf Introduction Lesson

  • VDWS
  • level 1-2
  • 4 uur
€ 26,- p.h.

2-day beginner lesson

  • VDWS
  • level 1/2/3/theorie
  • 8 uur
€ 25,- p.h.

3-day beginner lesson

  • VDWS
  • level 1/2/3/4/theorie
  • 12 uur
€ 30,- p.h.

Refresher lesson

  • VDWS
  • level 3/4/5
  • 4 uur
€ 65,- p.h.

Bas Masterclass

  • Clinics van 2 uur
  • minimale deelname 2 pers.
  • Privé: € 65,- p.u

Kitesurf courses

General information about Kitesurfing

Sky High is a VDWS kitesurf school.
All kitesurfing lessons are given to a very detailed lesson plan, created specifically for the Netherlandish conditions. This lesson plan is aimed at students safely and independently able to go kitesurfing. After the lesson have a good impression of what is kitesurfing. And what you can do. With such a large kite Many people make us within 4 hours kitesurf lesson the first few meters of the Board. But this is obviously different for everyone.

You will be taught according to the known 2-to-1 system, you share a kite with a fellow student at the same level, or your partner or boyfriend / girlfriend. All classes are taught by a qualified and trained kitesurf instructor, with the necessary help of an assistant. So you have the time to exercise maximum self and learn from the mistakes you see someone else make. We learn kitesurfing you to do, to experience and talk about them. We do not just throw you in the deep, but guide you until you have full control of the kite. Should it occur during the lesson that you are much better than your fellow students, we will adjust as the material and the lesson to. We have in our school kites from 4m2 to 16m2, so for every fitness level and the right equipment.

Price comparison

The Netherlands has many kite surf schools, each has its own offer to serve the novice kite surfers as possible. Rural lie lesson prices between € 25,- and € 40,- per lesson hour. Sky High calculated € 25,- / € 30,- per lesson hour. A longer lesson as the basic lesson kitesurfer is cheaper than a 1 day kitesurfing lesson.

We believe in the power of a 4-hour lesson. In the last half hour of the lesson, many students their first steps and they get the fine control points of the kite. Therefore advise & We offer blocks of 4 hours kitesurfing lessons at. Suppose you have little time to follow the course day at 4 pm, no problem 3 hours can also contact us. Our kitesurfing lessons always include all the necessary materials.