Spot Makkum

This spot can be navigated in many directions, and is located in a unique location, with its own beach promenade.

Makkum has a relationship with the Kornwerderzand spot, in the summer you can go kite surfing on Kornwerderzand, but in winter this spot closes, and you can continue on Makkum.

On the boulevard of Makkum you will find a surf shop, snack bar, and many other accommodations. This makes it good to stay on this spot before and after the session.

When do you choose Makkum?

  • with the wind directions: NW - W - SW
  • If you want a lot of facilities on the beach
  • Easy for both windsurfing and kite surfing (when allowed)
  • If sailing on Kornwerderzand is not permitted (October 1 to May 1)
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