Spot: Lemmer Beach

Our second, unique location on the IJsselmeer, Just a stone's throw from Beachclub Lemmer is our satellite school on the IJsselmeer coast, Sky High Lemmer.

Kite surfing is permitted on Lemmer, outside the swimming zone. This is allowed from October to May, outside the summer season. This makes Lemmer suitable as a kite surf spot when other spots are closed. Here we have a standard range of Windsurf boards and rigging, but also SUP boards, so that you can actively work alone or with friends on the water. In addition to the standard on-site equipment, we can also provide larger groups with the right material on request.

What can you expect at Lemmer Beach?

  • Large sandy beach with protected swimming area
  • Deeper water, so challenging conditions in strong winds
  • Proximity to the city of Lemmer, with all its conveniences.
  • Kite surfing not allowed, so lots of space for other activities
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